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CII - The Insurance Institute of Newcastle upon Tyne

John Bruce's President's Speech
Annual Dinner 23 November 2012

Our Chartered Centenary year exhibits our reaching 100 years of professionalism and I feel honoured with the entrustment of the Presidency in this very special year.

It is on milestones such as our Chartered Centenary year, that we are reminded of our foundations and the roots from which we have grown. As our industry and profession continues to grow in this fast advancing global world and the specialisms in insurance and financial services develop, it is important to remember these foundations and the basis on which they were established.

Insurance was established, not with a mind of greed but with a heart of caring, for those who lost possessions, buildings, ships at sea; for the families who lost the breadwinner. Insurance does not replace precious items or loved ones, but certainly aims to make life much more comfortable and easier to bear at least financially under any of these circumstances.

When our profession expands again and again, as it has done over the years and breaks off into various areas of specialism, it is very easy and tempting for others to fragment the organisation with their own ideas and beliefs. More often than not feelings of superiority and egos get in the way of the simple principles on which we are based.

It is imperative that we always remember the reason for our existence; ensuring those around us are protected in all eventualities. In the days to come, with increasing longevity, it remains key that everyone saves and invests sufficient capital from which to provide an income in their future years, that they may continue to enjoy their life through retirement with their family and loved ones.

The increasing population around the world places pressure on our world resources. It would appear as though this expansion and consumption of resources has an impact as seen by the increasing number of natural disasters around the world.

It is us that will be there protecting businesses and individuals from the impact of these natural disasters.

We as a group of people support this country and the world in a very significant way and while some continue to pull us down or fragment from within, we need to remember why we are here and recognise it is our own firm foundation that will keep us together; allowing us to support each other from a much stronger base. Only together can we ensure that we do not fall victim to someone else's agenda.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all well for the future and to remind everyone that it is the positive actions of many that overcome the negativity of the few.

I would like to thank you all for coming along to our dinner this evening and for honouring me with your presence.

John Bruce